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Interdisciplinarity Isn’t Just a Word by Ellie Roberts

Journals are an essential part of academic life. Publishing articles isn’t a mere box-ticking exercise to carry out as part of an academic career or the requirements of a university (though obviously, it’s quite important for both of those reasons) … Continue reading

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The Re-(re-)elections of Alberto Fujimori and Evo Morales by David Powell

The election of Alberto Fujimori to the presidency of Peru in 1990 marked the first time the Peruvian people had elected a president who was not a member of the traditional ruling class; that is to say, although he was … Continue reading

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‘Kazakhstan – It is You’ by Alun Thomas

It’s been some time since Kazakhstan last had such a high profile in the British media. David Cameron recently became the first serving British Prime Minister to visit Kazakhstan, so various newspapers dusted off some old press releases about the … Continue reading

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