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Top Ten Tips for First Time Interviewers by Joanna Kremer

My first interview was when I was ten years old and we had been asked at school to interview someone about their experience during the Second World War. I cannot remember much about the interview itself or what our homework … Continue reading

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International Conferences, Confidence Boosters, and the Need to Just Get On With It! by Eleanor Hodgson

One month ago I attended my first international conference that was directly linked to my PhD area of study. This was a chance not to be missed, as working in Medieval French literature means I am in somewhat of a … Continue reading

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The Danger of Reading Blogs by Alun Thomas

I read shameful amounts of political journalism online. If a mouse sneezes in Downing Street, I know about it before Larry the cat. Blogs of any kind can be addictive. I think the appeal of political blogs is that, in … Continue reading

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The Truth, Trauma and the Law by Ruth Littlewood

In The Limits of Autobiography Leigh Gilmore comments on the tenuous link between justice and the Law, highlighting how the Law is fetishised as the arbiter of truth without taking into consideration its limitations as an institution. This includes an … Continue reading

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