Sajid Javid, cultural funding and opening up the arts

Richard McClelland, a former MA student from the University of Sheffield, comments on the problems when culture and business become intertwined.


Last week the recently-appointed culture secretary, Sajid Javid, gave a speech in Bristol to mark his new role in the cabinet. As the son of immigrants, Javid stated that culture was something to which he didn’t always have access. In an interview in The Guardian, he elaborated on his comments, stating: “I didn’t grow up in the kind of family that went to the Donmar Warehouse […] To be frank, it was a treat to get out to the cinema to see a movie”. This is a situation he believes should change.

The town I grew up is not famous for its cultural attractions. In fact, it isn’t famous for much. Aside from the odd pantomime, I didn’t go to the theatre as a child. Like Javid, going to the pictures was a special treat, which, until I was in the final year of primary school, required a 30-mile round-trip…

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  1. Excellent write up . So many thanks for the effort you put here

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