Mission Statement

Thank you for your interest in the SLC postgrad blog!

This site celebrates the diverse, vibrant, high-quality research going on at SLC Sheffield.

Postgraduate students in the School of Languages and Cultures are involved in projects covering a wide range of disciplines, including linguistics, literary theory, philosophy, history and social science.

Here at the SLC blog these postgrads, as well as other researchers connected to the School, report on unexpected findings, discuss current affairs from their nation(s) or culture(s) of interest, and relate their experiences whilst working or travelling in the UK and abroad. The SLC postgrad blog also acts as a forum for students and members of the public to share advice and to facilitate more collaboration within the School and beyond.

The blog is intended for readers either outside or within the academic environment. Commentary and contribution is welcomed from any interested party.

If you would like to contribute to the SLC postgrad blog, please consult our blog guidelines here.

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