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Recruiting Participants for Interview Research: Flexibility is King, by Abigail Taylor

Recently I was asked how I recruited participants to take part in interviews for my PhD fieldwork. Having finished my PhD that examined the experiences of out-of-work parents last year, at first, my mind was a bit of a blur … Continue reading

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Why I Will Always Have a Problem With Disability in Film: My Case Against ‘Me Before You’, by Mathy Selvakumaran

Here at the SLC Blog, we’re big fans of Mathy’s blog on Medium. We asked if we could re-post one of her latest pieces on an upcoming film titled Me Before You, in which she voices her criticisms of its treatment … Continue reading

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Primary school textbook content: innocent euphemisms or politicised manipulation? A case study of Federico Lorca and Antonio Machado, by Andrew Bradley

An article published by various Spanish news outlets (La Vanguardia, El País, El Diario) has recently (re)sparked the attention of my Spanish philologist friends, since it has popped up in my newsfeed for the third time this year. The article … Continue reading

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Is it the man on the moon – or maybe next-door?, by Nina Schmidt

I have lived in the UK long enough to know that the release of the big retailers’ Christmas adverts is awaited with excitement in large amounts of the population. Those looking forward to the ads want that Christmassy feel. The … Continue reading

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Reservoir Mobs. Political Spectacles, the Press Circus, and Public Works in Spain, by Matthew Kerry

Spanish politicians do seem to enjoy a good reservoir. Or rather, they enjoy the ribbon-cutting ceremonies to announce the unveiling of a new infrastructure project.  Last Thursday prime minister Mariano Rajoy inaugurated a new reservoir in Huesca in the northeast … Continue reading

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Generation 25 – A British Germanist’s perspective, by Chantal Sullivan-Thomsett

On 3rd October 1990, less than a year after the Berlin wall fell, the constitutional process of German reunification was completed. Today, the 3rd October is a national holiday to celebrate Germany’s unity and the progress that has been made … Continue reading

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Café lexicon – a linguistic case study, by Josh Bengough-Smith

It’s no secret that I love coffee. What some of you may not know is that aside from being an aspiring linguist, I am also a fully-trained barista. So, in recognition of (Inter-)National Coffee Day, which was on Tuesday, here’s … Continue reading

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