Blog Guidelines

The length of the posts should be around 600 words.

It should be relevant to your research but you can cover the topic from any perspective: research trip, exhibition, commentary on news items, talks, festivals…

The language should be accessible to engage with a wide variety of readers.

Posts should be written in English (when using foreign words, please explain them). However, feel free to comment on others’ posts in a different language.

You can include links, documents, PDFs or images in your posts. If you wish to include photos you haven’t taken yourself, please observe the tips given by Creative Commons on best practices for attribution.

Offensive or malicious content will not be tolerated.

The blog is intended as a forum to share and discuss your work.

Please submit your posts to the editing team beforehand at, as they will be in charge of posting the material. The editing team has the right to refuse blog posts that do not meet these guidelines.

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