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The Apprentice is a Good Reason to Study History, by Alun Thomas

As I come to the end of my PhD I’ve often been asked to consider, in job applications and interviews, what value there is in my research and more generally in a humanities subject like history. This feels like a … Continue reading

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Freudian Slip-Ups by CJ Leffler

Since starting my MA in October I’ve found that my research interests have taken new directions that I hadn’t anticipated. My particular field is memory, and whilst I continue to be interested in the social, political and cultural construction of … Continue reading

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Interdisciplinarity Isn’t Just a Word by Ellie Roberts

Journals are an essential part of academic life. Publishing articles isn’t a mere box-ticking exercise to carry out as part of an academic career or the requirements of a university (though obviously, it’s quite important for both of those reasons) … Continue reading

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