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Primary school textbook content: innocent euphemisms or politicised manipulation? A case study of Federico Lorca and Antonio Machado, by Andrew Bradley

An article published by various Spanish news outlets (La Vanguardia, El País, El Diario) has recently (re)sparked the attention of my Spanish philologist friends, since it has popped up in my newsfeed for the third time this year. The article … Continue reading

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Reservoir Mobs. Political Spectacles, the Press Circus, and Public Works in Spain, by Matthew Kerry

Spanish politicians do seem to enjoy a good reservoir. Or rather, they enjoy the ribbon-cutting ceremonies to announce the unveiling of a new infrastructure project.  Last Thursday prime minister Mariano Rajoy inaugurated a new reservoir in Huesca in the northeast … Continue reading

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Abdication to Save the Monarchy? Juan Carlos I and Dreams of a Third Republic by Matthew Kerry

This blog post was originally published 3 June 2014 on the History Matters blog. Matthew Kerry is a PhD student at the University of Sheffield working on political identities in Asturias in northern Spain during the Second Republic. You can … Continue reading Continue reading

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‘Nothing to Lose But Their Chains’: Politics, Identity and the Working Class by Matthew Kerry

Last week the Tories set out their claim to be the party of the workers in what was another attempt at re-branding the ‘nasty party’ before the European elections this spring. The move reinforces their anti-benefits stance, seeking to corner … Continue reading

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Rosaries and Coat Hangers: The Future of Abortion in Spain by Ángela Lavilla Cañedo

Mass demonstrations have taken place in Spain and more widely in recent weeks against the new anti-abortion bill presented by the Spanish Conservative Party, the Partido Popular (PP). This misogynistic bill shows the conservative backlash against women’s freedom of choice … Continue reading

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Tampons and Dildos: Menstruation in Advertising Campaigns by Ángela Lavilla Cañedo

Since I decided to collaborate with this blog I have kept my eyes peeled for something relevant to my thesis which could be the subject of an interesting blog post. Some weeks ago, while on the bus, I thought that … Continue reading

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The Truth, Trauma and the Law by Ruth Littlewood

In The Limits of Autobiography Leigh Gilmore comments on the tenuous link between justice and the Law, highlighting how the Law is fetishised as the arbiter of truth without taking into consideration its limitations as an institution. This includes an … Continue reading

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