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On ‘Women and Communism’, by Alun Thomas

On 3rd December 2014 I organised an afternoon workshop at which speakers were invited to present on the topic of ‘Women and Communism’ at the University of Sheffield.  I’d not anticipated quite how much work would go in to holding … Continue reading

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Thursday’s Strike Action and the Changing Face of UK Universities by Ruth Littlewood and Alun Thomas

“Sitting in the UoS Student’s Union last Thursday I heard two undergraduate students complaining about the strike action by UNISON. Among the comments were ‘It’s a bit out of line,’ ‘Strikes never change anything,’ and most worryingly ‘Well, I’m paying … Continue reading

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International Conferences, Confidence Boosters, and the Need to Just Get On With It! by Eleanor Hodgson

One month ago I attended my first international conference that was directly linked to my PhD area of study. This was a chance not to be missed, as working in Medieval French literature means I am in somewhat of a … Continue reading

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Interdisciplinarity Isn’t Just a Word by Ellie Roberts

Journals are an essential part of academic life. Publishing articles isn’t a mere box-ticking exercise to carry out as part of an academic career or the requirements of a university (though obviously, it’s quite important for both of those reasons) … Continue reading

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